Far Cry Hype Bomb Mission

Walkthrough for Far Cry 6: Hype Bomb Far Cry 6 walkthrough and guide The Operation Hype Bomb tutorial is available on this page of the Far Cry 6 guide. You will discover how to demolish Maria's billboards and banners. This Far Cry 6 game guide page offers a walkthrough of operation Hype Bomb, one of Valle De Oro's key objectives. Our tutorial demonstrates how to dismantle Maria's billboards, create the leaflet bombs, and switch the banners on the crane, among other things.

After that, ascend to the top of the green building under the crane to access a fourth billboard (picture7). From there, use your grappling hook to go to the next home and then to the fifth one, which overlooks the square (pictures8-9). Finally, from here, walk over the south wall and stand on the ledge for the final billboard (pictures10-11). After that, you'll have to ascend to the top of the crane to change the banners that are hanging there (picture12).

On the map, purple reticles indicate Yaran Stories. Completing Yaran missions will allow you to see additional Guerrilla Bases on the map and recruit Bandido Leaders. Certain operations must be accomplished before Yaran Stories may be accessed. The game has 29 Yaran Stories. If the player does not want to aim for 100% completion, they may skip any of them.

Speak with Rafael, who fabricated the proper documents and put them in Bembe's neighboring vehicle. Rafael isn't going, but the refugees may be found in the truck at the marking north of the complex. You have 2:30 to get to the dock, which is plenty of time. Simply set a waypoint at the southeast marker to establish a blue trail and follow it to the dock's security gate, where the paperwork, saying the truck is delivering Christmas trees, and some astute banter by Dani will get you to the departure point without problem. Bembe is there, and he, predictably, detains some of the migrants for "business expenditures." He does, however, keep his end of the bargain with Paolo, so he is debt-free and free to depart Yara.

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