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Obviously, he does not profit from the combined income of his parents. Midoriya and Uraraka's less-privileged upbringing will enable them to relate on a deeper level than someone like Melissa, who, despite growing up without her mother, never had any financial problems. 2 Melissa: Her family was very important in All Might's career.

Melissa, as a scientist, is naturally inquisitive. She pushed Izuku out of his comfort zone by approaching him and inspecting his hero outfit. She is modest about all of her works and wishes for them to be put to good use. At the same time, she lauds her father, David, and surprises him by inviting All Might to the I-Island Expo. She was clearly upset and devastated when she learned that her father had planned the villain attack in order to retrieve his Quirk Amplification Device, pointing out how Izuku and his friends had all been harmed in trying to save everyone, despite David's genuine belief that the villains he hired for the plan were fake. Melissa exemplifies a hero's will in the same manner as Izuku does. Despite being Quirkless, she maintains calm and want to assist in the rescue of others. Melissa was instrumental in freeing the island's residents from Wolfram's clutches during the villain assault on the exhibition. Melissa even risked her life to confront a deadly adversary in order to rescue Izuku. [1]

Melissa Shang explains how activism helped her embrace her handicap. No one in my family knew what to do when I was diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, a kind of muscular dystrophy, when I was three years old. While I finally got an explanation for my stumbling steps and missed milestones, I was left with more questions than...

For the time being, sire, we must behave as though nothing has occurred. You must complete your conversations with the Noble houses, travel to Mustafa in a month and a half, and maintain the illusion that everything is in order—I will depart for Mustafa at the end of the week.

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