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David Makes Man Season Cast

David Makes Man Cast Season 2

David Makes Man Cast Season 1

Women have always played an important role in OWN's coming-of-age drama David Makes Man. The ladies in David's life will be even more important in Season 2 (airing Tuesdays at 9/8c), according to the producers. As fans saw when the show returned for its sophomore season this week, the title character has grown up and is now played by Snowfall and The Wire alum Kwame Patterson. However, being an adult does not imply that you have it all figured out, and when Adult JG (played by The Magicians Arlen Escarpeta) is accidentally shot while attempting to break up a fight, David begins to have visions and eventually suffers an emotional breakdown.

Senior Editor Jonathan Borge As Senior Editor of OprahMag.com, I'm a jack-of-all-trades, supervising our entertainment coverage (we cover TV shows like The Politician and Big Brother, movies like J.Lo's Hustlers and Lena Waithe's Queen and Slim), features, news items, and keeping Lady Gaga's whereabouts a secret. I am proud to edit Coming Out, a series in which LGBTQ+ activists reflect on self-acceptance. And I edit our Weird or Wellness series, which I strongly advise you to read over the weekend. Prior to joining O, I worked in the fashion department at Marie Claire, then at InStyle, where I dabbled in social media and covered events like the Grammys, the Toronto International Film Festival, and New York Fashion Week. I graduated from the University of Miami with a journalism degree. Rosario Dawson once complimented my hair and asked to touch it. I gave her permission.

David, as astute as ever, appeals to the client because he knows Mr. Padilla isn't interested in simply building another mall and entertainment complex like the ones he's built before. Instead, he plans to build mixed-income housing to help him run for mayor. Things become complicated when David promises to obtain the necessary permits in record time, a promise that will undoubtedly add stress to his already stressful life. It's a lonely life filled with night sweats and sleepless nights. Later in the episode, David's problems are exacerbated when his younger brother JG, who is now a Miami police officer, attempts to break up a fight in his old neighborhood and is accidentally shot. The shooting sends an already fragile David into a downward spiral in which he sees visions of JG as a child and sobs. However, the tears appear only after David attempts to flee his worries.

It was an honor when we first started and engaged with OWN to do this project, and it was a blessing, a real gift, and a show of God's grace that Ms. Winfrey picked it up for the long haul, McCraney said.

Tarell has created an incredibly moving and powerful drama in David Makes Man, and we are thrilled that he and Dee will be able to continue telling this one-of-a-kind story, said Warner Bros. Television's Peter Roth, Susan Rovner, and Brett Paul in a statement. We'd like to thank OWN and Oprah Winfrey, as well as our co-producers Michael B. Jordan, Mike Kelley, and Melissa Loy.

David Makes Man Cast Season 3

Nicolaou, Elena Elena covers the latest in books, movies, TV, pop culture, and the ever-expanding world of streaming as a culture editor at Oprah Daily. Elena worked as an entertainment writer at Refinery29 for three years before joining Oprah Daily, covering everything from royals to reality TV and developing the site's book section. She also had the opportunity to meet Jane Fonda, but that's another story. She enjoys reading, writing romances on Wattpad (and elsewhere), going for long walks around town, and making herself laugh with elaborate Instagram stories. Her superpower is matching people with the appropriate book.

In Season 1, David began working to address his inner trauma, which was exacerbated in part by witnessing the murder of his father figure Sky (Isaiah Johnson).

"I think the women had a lot to do with" David's coping, says Harris-Lawrence. "You see the journey of all of the things he usually does to navigate life that (no longer) work as well. And the women are pointing out that (he) no longer requires it."

Marin Ireland plays Sissy Cooper, Harlan's mother, who fell in love with a previously amnesiac Viktor after hitting him with her car in 1963. Sissy reappears in new flashback scenes in Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy. Marin Ireland has appeared in films such as Hell or High Water, Sneaky Pete, The Irishman, Y: The Last Man, and The Miseducation of Cameron Post. Pogo is a chimp who assisted Reginald Hargreeves and looked after the Umbrella Academy, played by Adam Godley and Ken Hall. Pogo is voiced by Adam Godley, and the motion capture is done by Ken Hall. Godley is best known for his roles in Hulu's The Great, Breaking Bad, and Suits. People of Earth is Hall's most well-known work.

In a strange twist, the decision to skip ahead to adulthood has slowed things down. The show has ended up having to pause and answer background questions about how we got to this point, with David made man. Kwame Patterson portrays the adult David as an overgrown child, emotionally stunted, still carrying a backpack and exhibiting the same nervous mannerisms he did as a teen. He's excellent, but he's a dead ringer for McDowell. In an effort to revitalize South Florida, David is now collaborating with a Miami businessman to demolish the Ville. The notion that David might want to destroy his childhood totem is both infinitely compelling and acutely didactic. With the child performances reduced to flashbacks, the show's magic will have to be found elsewhere.

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