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Czech Wife Swap 6

Everyone is talking about the Wife Swap!!!! One outstanding project with no censoring!!! Everything is motivated by sex and money. And Irena enjoys both. This gorgeous dancer wasted no time in shocking Ondra in the shower. Guys, her tits are something you should see. Czech naturals are stunning. She didn't waste any time and shoved his dick into her mouth. She doesn't play, does she? Petr returned home from work to find Irena in bed, with just her lovely ass visible. That girl is horny and in desperate need of vitamin D. She fucks often, yet her pussy is as tight as a teenager's.

During the first week of this reality show, the new wife must follow the same rules and live the same lifestyle as the woman she is replacing. Each woman leaves a home manual outlining her position in the household and the responsibilities she bears. This helps to define the rules that the spouses will follow at the "rules change ceremony." During the second week, the new wives are permitted to make their own rules, which must be followed by their new households. It normally takes some time for families to acclimate to this strategy, during which time the wives disburse an amount...

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