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Shanola Hampton appeared as Cindi Burns, Derek Morgan's cousin who suffered from Stockholm syndrome after marrying and giving birth to her kidnapper, Malcolm Ford's, son. Mackenzie Astin appeared as Dylan Kohler, a copycat murderer of serial killer Rodney Baines Garrett, in the episode "Divining Rod." Josh Randall appeared as Matthew Downs, a member of the Face Cards and Izzy Rogers' boyfriend, in the two-part season finale "Hit & Run," and Evan Jones appeared as Chris Stratton, another member of the Face Cards. Sebastian Roch returns as Clyde Easter, Emily Prentiss' old Interpol colleague who offers her a position as Chief of the Interpol office in London, which she takes, forcing her to leave the BAU. [edit] Episodes

JJ is fighting for his life in the hospital after being critically injured during Everett Lynch and his daughter Grace Lynch's successful escape from jail. Aside from Will, Reid is keeping watch in the hospital, resentful of himself for failing to see JJ's predicament sooner. If JJ doesn't make it, Reid will not only have lost perhaps his closest friend, but he and she will also not have been able to clear the air regarding the tension that has lingered between them since their last case. Reid is likewise pulled emotionally in two ways as he is summoned by the...

7.23 Hit. When a federal bank is attacked, the BAU is sent to mediate a hostage situation. Tensions grow as one of the team members becomes a captive as events unfold in real time. Meanwhile, Prentiss makes the decision to quit the BAU. "Courage meets and destroys fear." Who died in Criminal Minds Season 8 Episode 24? Erin Strauss on 'Criminal Minds' She was a recurrent character on Criminal Minds until Season Eight, when she was killed by "The Replicator." Mateo Cruz took up her role in Season Nine.

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Cannibalism? They have it. Children's murderers? I received it as well. Who are the murderers if not children? Sure thing. Victims disguised as dolls or hung up like puppets? You can rely on it. While the heinous deeds committed by these murderers are terrifying in and of themselves, it's the psychological analysis performed by the BAU on these "unsubs" that sends shivers up your spine. To summarize, "Criminal Minds" is not for the faint of heart. Even some of the show's most ardent fans are hesitant to revisit certain episodes. If, on the other hand, you like being afraid, then look no further. Continue reading to find out about the most scary "Criminal Minds" episodes ever.

This was one of the finest Criminal Minds episodes, and it was based on David Koresh, the Branch Davidians, and the 1993 Waco siege, in which the FBI raided and killed 86 people. Cyrus was so popular that he was subsequently used as a story element in a Reid-centric episode. The Manson Family in "The Tribe" (1.16).

David Rossi comes out of retirement to assist the Behavioral Analysis Unit, which is led by Aaron Hotchner, a family guy who can earn people's confidence and reveal their secrets. Emily Prentiss, the daughter of an ambassador and a surprise addition that neither Hotchner nor Gideon approved of; Derek Morgan, an expert in obsessional crimes; Dr. Spencer Reid, a classically misunderstood genius whose social IQ is as low as his intellectual IQ is high; and Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau, a confident young agent who serves as the team's unit liaison. Penelope Garcia, the team's audio/visual technician, is also on hand to assist. Each member brings their unique area of expertise to the table as they try to discover predators' motives and emotional triggers in order to stop them.

"Pay it Forward" has a lot of positive aspects. I've yet to see a 'Criminal Minds' episode that didn't have something redeemable about it, even low-point episodes like "200," "The Black Queen," and the worst of Season 11. The visual production qualities of "Pay it Forward" are faultless. It's filmed and lighted well, and it's overall sleek, gritty, sophisticated, and atmospheric. The music is evocative and melancholy, and it fits perfectly without boosting or detract from the ambiance. Some of the direction allows the casing to breathe while maintaining speed. "Pay it Forward" features a few memorable scenes. The entire head thing, particularly with the refrigerator, was quite unsettling without being too excessive. Reid's answers, like the sheriff's, are compelling enough to justify his position as a fan favorite. I've always thought of him as a knowledgeable and sympathetic figure, without being too much of a know-it-all, whose difficulties have resonated with me, and this is no exception. The whole interaction between Backus and the unsub is also really unsettling.

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The seventh season of CBS's procedural series "Criminal Minds" follows the Behavioral Analysis Unit as they investigate a series of disturbing crimes including Philadelphia's boxing subculture, a Zodiac copycat murderer terrorizing San Francisco, and a group of bank-robbing serial killers. Rossi (Joe Mantegna) reconnects with his ex-wife, Prentiss (Paget Brewster) wonders whether she should stay on the job, and JJ (A.J. Cook) arranges her wedding. Max Martini, Rene Auberjonois, novelist Patricia Cornwell, and Dean Cain appear as guests.

Stan accepts to be their slave after the couple tells her of The Company, a sinister group that would torment her and her family if she does not cooperate. Everything in the episode is similar except that The Company is depicted as a genuine organization. "Alpha Male" (12.15) Elliot Rodger's

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A child pornographer sells a little kid who went missing a year earlier on an internet auction. A former profiler who now leads the FBI's Crimes Against Children Unit requests Gideon and the BAU's assistance in saving the boy's life.

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