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McBrain Family Level 11 Brain Test 2 Nancy need 8 pennies to purchase a new doll, and the whole tour includes photographs, video, and the quick solution. If you're stuck on a level in McBrain Family and can't figure it out, stick around to discover our extensive tips and answers. There are also image hints: Here's how to solve Brain Test 2 The McBrain Family Level 11:

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McBrain Family Level 12 Brain Test 2 The water is too hot for her; assist her with a thorough tour that includes photographs, video, and the quick response. If you're stuck on a level in McBrain Family and can't figure it out, stick around to discover our extensive tips and answers. There are also image hints: Here's how to solve Brain Test 2 The McBrain Family Level 12:

The McBrain Family Level 19 Brain Test 2 [Time for a family portrait] To begin, give the infant a bottle of baby milk to calm her down, then use the comb to comb the children's untidy hair, then turn on the light and click on the camera to complete the level.

Brain Test 2 Level 20 Mcbrain Family Answer

Hello there, Our squad accomplished more than merely playing the game. They have completed all of the stages of Brain Test 2. Considerable of the levels they've played are really easy, while others required some work and expertise to complete. Before we go into the answers, you should be aware that several are really difficult to solve without assistance. We will be available to help these specific instances till the game is over.

Brain Test 2 The McBrain Family Level 5 [Dory needs a nap, please assist her] Drag the red cube under the chair, then move the chair left to right to put the baby to sleep. Level 6 Brain Test 2 The McBrain Family [Assist Nancy in exercising with her mother] To pass the level, first burst the balloon with the comb, then follow the mom's instructions and do the same with Nancy.

McBrain Family Level 20 Brain Test 2 [It's time to sleep, everyone head to your rooms] Tap on the suitcase many times, then drag the suitcase and headphones to the first left room, then the doll to the first right room, and finally the toy vehicle to the second right room to complete the level. SOLUTION FOR VIDEO:

You may discover updated answers for each new level of Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories on this site. The McBrain clan. We provided all levels with graphic suggestions and full walkthroughs, so you can simply complete all challenges. Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories is a brain teaser mobile game and the sequel to the world's most popular game, Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles. To complete the puzzle, you must shake your phone, think outside the box, uncover hidden items, solve arithmetic problems, and do other strange things. As this is one of the most difficult trick-question games on the market, the questions get more difficult. The McBrain Family has various levels for which we are sharing solutions. Concerning the Brain Test 2 Game: Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles revolutionised mobile gaming with over a million downloads. Brain Test 2 has even more exciting puzzles and amusing tests!

Brain Test 2 Level 17 Mcbrain Family Answer

Level 11 Brain Test 2 The McBrain Family [Nancy needs 8 coins to purchase a new doll] First, use the hammer to smash the piggy bank, and 5 coins will fall out. Now, move the money towards the sand where the baby is playing, and you will discover 3 more coins, which you must now bring close Nancy to complete the task. Brain Test 2 The McBrain Family Level 12 [Help her, the water is too hot] To pass the level, move the shower closer to the infant and turn on the water.

You are not the only trainer who comes to coach Cindy; there is another. In Fitness with Cindy Level 14, your purpose is to assist Cindy in following a trainer's instructions. Thumps up and down may be performed by the trainer. You must assist Cindy in understanding how it works. Thumbs up means lift Cindy's hands, while thumbs down means make Cindy jump.

Brain Test 2 has over a million downloads and has all new mind-boggling tasks. This updated version introduces additional characters to the game. Help Emily grow her farm, vanquish the Lion King with Tom the cat, explore the McBrain family's everyday activities, hunt down monsters with Joe, solve mysteries with Smith, and, of course, assist Betty in overcoming her bad luck. Brain Test is the greatest option for you if you like word games, word search games, puzzles, sudoku, or any other quiz games.

TO SEE THE REST OF THE SCENE, SWIPE RIGHT. JOHN HID IN THE ATTIC SO THAT THE PHONE'S DOOR COULD OPEN. JACK COULD BE IN THE BEAR. Brain Test 2 is a word, puzzle, quiz, and trivia game hybrid. It also defies logic, which is why people like it. It's a lot of pleasure when you concentrate on a regular solution and discover that the answer has always been relatively simple. Get prepared to be duped since the game is quite effective at disguising apparent stuff. But don't be taken in by it. You have all you need to conquer their perplexing levels. We've solved each level for you, so if you need any more assistance, the solution may be found below.

Brain Test 2 Level 6 Mcbrain Family Answer

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