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Emily is not a fan favorite, but one Reddit user claims that her parents are some of the show's most underappreciated side characters. They only appear in a few episodes, but they get plenty of hilarious lines and situations that make them stand out. RELATED: Every Friends Season Is Ranked According To Ratings

Reddit app developers do not appear to be as enthusiastic as their fellow Redditors. The official Reddit apps for Android and iOS are mediocre at best, and users have long complained about Reddit's slow update rate. Third-party developers come in to save the day here. Both the Google Play Store and the App Store are brimming with capable Reddit apps, and we've hand-picked the top eight for you. 1. Sync with Reddit

The episode is a favorite of Reddit user alickstee, who says, "There are so many good jokes crammed into those 22 minutes." The Thanksgiving special is jam-packed with hilarious jokes about Monica, Rachel, and Ross' high school lives. Without Will, viewers would have never known Ross and his co-founding of the "I Hate Rachel Green Club" in high school. It's no surprise that Will Colbert is regarded as one of the best one-off Friends characters. The Massapequa one (S eason 8, Episode 18)

Even better than constantly re-watching a favorite film franchise is reliving it through hours of satirical video games (with a romantic partner, of course). Today, believe it or not, a slew of popular franchises, including Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and others, each have their own LEGO game. They're interactive as well as insanely entertaining, making them an ideal silly option for casual gamers looking to unwind after a long day at work by playing their favorite fictional characters. Furthermore, u/MurDoct claims that "Lego games are simple, but if you play with two people, you must work together to beat levels." In other words, they have a plethora of challenging missions and puzzles that adults (as well as younger players) can enjoy by collaborating with their significant other.

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