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Bank Of America Better Balance Rewards Reddit

For example, during the Christmas season, you may move to earning the greatest rewards on fashion to purchase clothing presents and take advantage of deals. When you anticipate significant purchases of furniture and household goods, you may alter the category to furnishings, and to fuel if you're going on a long summer road trip. After you've maximized your top rewards, you should spend as much of your leftover money as possible in grocery shops and warehouse clubs, where you'll get a still-respectable 2% cash back. True, warehouse clubs such as Costco and Sam's Club charge yearly membership fees ranging from $45 to $60. However, larger cash back profits and the club's usual cheap pricing should easily cover that investment.

We think that everyone should be able to make sound financial choices. While our website does not include every firm or financial product available on the market, we are happy that the advice we give, the information we supply, and the tools we provide are impartial, unbiased, transparent, and free. So, how are we going to earn money? Our collaborators reimburse us. This may have an impact on the goods we evaluate and write about (and where those products appear on the site), but it has no effect on our recommendations or suggestions, which are based on hundreds of hours of study. Our partners cannot pay us to ensure positive product or service reviews. Our partners are listed below.

The Wells Fargo Active Cash card is included. The card's 2% cash rewards percentage on purchases distinguishes it as Wells Fargo's greatest cash back offer. You may also get a $200 cash rewards incentive if you spend $1,000 on Active Cash purchases in the first three months. Furthermore, the card provides a 0% intro APR on purchases and eligible debt transfers for the first 15 months from account establishment (after that, a 15.24% to 25.24% variable APR applies). The Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa card*, the issuer's second flat-rate card, gets just 1.5% cash back on purchases and 1.8% cash back on Google Pay and Apple Pay transactions for the first 12 months from account activation. The cash incentives are unrestricted and not tied to any single expenditure area.

[Edit] If you have a large purchase planned (particularly one worth more than $2k), you can probably get a credit card with a fantastic sign-up bonus and use it to make the buy.

You may always use another card (such as the three stated in the disadvantages above) for your catch-all "all other purchases" and earn a higher CB rate.

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