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70'S 60S Nails

Pop Culture is a collection of six colorful colours produced from a revolutionary lacquer technique that adds texture to your nail varnish manicure. What was the source of this delightful surprise? Let us tell you...the 1960s were a decade of innovation in pop culture. Whether it was the Beatles crossing the Atlantic and permanently transforming the music scene, or the Vietnam War, which sparked fury and protest among millions of people, sex, love, and rock and roll were some of the ways society dealt with its concerns.

70s fashion styles are still popular and show no signs of slowing down. There's a treasure of classic items to chose from and weave into your autumn uniform, from bell-bottom jeans and fringed-out frocks to sepia colors and low-cut metallic dresses. But it does not end there. Your manicure is as much an extension of your attire as any other item, and it should match the rest of your appearance. To demonstrate how it's done, the hues of Essie's autumn collection (influenced by 70s ingnues) are taking center stage among the decades' still-wanted trends. Scroll down to discover six trend-inspired fall tips.

Since the late 1950s, London has led the way with the mod style (modernist). New boutiques catering to the fashion interests of the younger age sprung up all over the place, most notably on Carnaby Street and Kings Road. Since the 1950s, the young have had spare cash, which they have spent on appearing fashionable.

Even though your face and form are still young, age spots and wrinkles on your hands may give you away. Bright red nails will draw attention to your fingers, which is both fun and attractive. Burgundy, plum, and even brown work well for both day and night. As you grow older, your skin becomes thinner and more prone to reveal your veins. To reduce this, avoid light or cold colors like whites, grays, blues, and greens, as well as the severe French manicure with chalk white tips. Instead of blue-based reds (or corals or pinks), use warm reds (or corals or pinks) with an orange undertone.

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