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This topic makes me wonder why'some' dryers use a 3 wire 240v 30amp plug/outlet while others use a 4 wire 240v 30amp plug/outlet... I also understand from my experience with my 50amp 240v 4-wire MOTORHOME plug/outlet that the NEUTRAL wire serves as a 'balancing' wire, keeping the 50amp maximum between each of the HOT wires so that neither side of the double-pole 50amp breaker trips. At any one moment, an RV may have fewer equipment powered by one'side' than by the other, such as the front A/C unit operating on side A while the back A/C unit is not running on side B, and so on.

Each intake hole on the receptacle has its own screw. Two of the screws are brass, while the other is green. Remove enough insulation from the coated wires to feed into the holes using a wire stripper (the amount to strip is marked on the back of the cover plate). Feed the insulated wires through a hole with a brass screw (any one will do) and the naked wire through a hole with a green screw. Tighten the screws with a screwdriver to keep the wires in place. Advertisement

About Leviton: Leviton is the intelligent option, offering the most complete variety of solutions to satisfy the demands of today's residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. Leviton's electrical wiring devices, network and data center connection solutions, lighting energy management systems, and security and automation applications use more than a century of knowledge to help clients build sustainable, intelligent environments. From switches and receptacles to daylight harvesting controls and networking systems to intelligent safety controls and charging devices for electric cars, Leviton products help clients save energy, time, and money while improving safety.

6-30R Receptacle

6-30R Plug

6-30R Adapter

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