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6-30R Wiring Diagram

Assumptions are risky. Could you perhaps lead me in the direction of a NEMA R to NEMA P wiring diagram? Background: I'd want to utilize my electric dryer outlet to power my garage heater, but the plugs are different: Dryer Outlet: NEMA Heater Socket: NEMA Ideally, I'd like a 25' NEMA R / NEMA P extension cable with the right plug, but I can't locate one. R R6 R R LR LR LR V or V EQUIP R R6 R R LR LR LR V or V EQUIP

This twist-lock 30-amp item is perhaps the most common form of single-phase three-pole outlet used in most portable generators above 4,000 watts. Its maximum rating is 250Vx30A= 7,500 VA in theory. In actuality, the generator usually only generates 240V rather than 250V, therefore UL and NEC 2017 require ampacity derating to 80%. As a result, assuming you managed to balance electrical demands on both 120V lines, you may safely achieve roughly 240x30x0.8= 5,760 VA continually. L14-30P is the component number for the matching plug. To power your gadgets from such an outlet, you may purchase a generator Y-adapter, which divides the 30A output into two ordinary 15/20A outlets. If you want to build your own generator cord, here's how to connect it to the plug. Connect red and black leads to X and Y, white to neutral, and green to ground (refer to the wiring diagram above). Use a heavy-duty UL-rated outdoor cable with conductor sizes of #10 AWG. See this website for information on utilizing dryer outlets to temporarily power your whole home in the event of an emergency without a transfer switch.

Installing a Nema 6-30R Receptacle OutsideIf the receptacle will be used to charge an EV, it should be installed outside. In that scenario, you'll need to bury the cable that feeds it, thus 10/2 UF-B cable with a plastic waterproof covering is required. The standard depth to bury it is 24 inches, and any exposed portion, such as the section that goes along the side of the house or up a pole to the receptacle, must be covered in conduit.

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