6-30P Plug

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All Points 381273 Specifications

This All Points 38-1273 angle plug is ideal for a number of electrical applications, particularly when there is little space between the wall and the appliance. To guarantee safe operation, install a plug on a new device or replace a damaged or worn out one.

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Window air conditioners cool a single room or small section of a structure and are installed in a double- or single-hung window, taking up no floor space. They don't need ducts since they blast cooled air straight from the unit. After the cooling season, these devices may be removed from windows and stored until required again. They are used for seasonal cooling or as a complement to central air conditioning systems. They are equipped with a leakage current detection interrupter (LCDI), which detects current leakage and interrupts a circuit to assist avoid injuries and damage to equipment or the environment. Some units include Seacoast corrosion protection, which is a coating on the coils of an air conditioner that resists corrosive chemicals like salt water sprays. In coastal locations and other tough conditions, coated coils generally outlast uncoated coils.

The NEMA 6-20P is a three-wire grounded plug with two line blades and a ground pin, rated up to 250V AC and 20A. The horizontal and vertical blades of the 6-20P restrict connection to lesser ampere rated receptacles. However, the 6-20R (receptacle) has a "T" slot that allows you to connect both a 6-20P and a 6-15P. Commercial ovens and huge air conditioning systems are common uses. The NEMA 6-20P Series lacks a neutral conductor.

6-30P Plug Adapter

6-30P Plug Lowes

6-30P Plug Wiring

After connecting the wires, double-check that no exposed wires are contacting within the plug, then slide the plug shell together and tighten the screws to secure it. A cable clap should be connected to the plug. Tighten the clamp, then pull on the plug to ensure it's secure before inserting it into the 6-15 receptacle.

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