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6-3-Methode Vorlage

In the first round, each player fills the first three fields on his or her assigned sheet with their ideas. It's also not a big deal if you only come up with two ideas in the allotted time. Creativity on the fly is no longer always that simple. The Bltters will now be distributed in the clockzeigersinn in the next round. Every participant now has a sheet with three ideas on it in front of them. These should now be improved or developed further. All three new ideas are noted in the second column. The bltters will be distributed 5 times more if each person has his or her own sheet back in front of them.

As a result, it is prudent to discard this small group of the finest ideas as soon as possible and to decide which idea will be implemented after further refinement.

(Now, if you're wondering how the slogan seems to a few uninformed people, or how a preview of the covers would look on a full page, or whether the web address with the company name is still available,...:-)

The list will be added to five times more until each participant has a complete list of ideas.

The crucial point is that when the bltters are added, each person receives a list of three new ideas. These will now be expanded upon in the last line with their own thoughts and ideas. On this basis, previously existing ideas are continually incorporated, expanded, and refined.

Six participants each generate three ideas in five rounds in response to a specific question.

A moderator*in can guide the technology, but it can also happen without one. The following is the preparation for the 6-3-5 method: Each participant receives a sheet of paper on which a table with three spaces and six columns is drawn. This may be done by the participants themselves, or by the Moderator*in in advance.

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