Why Did Tommen Kill Himself Reddit

Tommen was a highly disliked character on the program, and some of the response videos I watched after the conclusion had people celebrating his suicide; many despised him for being so soft, naïve, and pliable throughout his reign, which led to the Faith gaining control. That is a valid point. I've always had a soft place for Tommen, the sadist's younger brother. It reminded me of the Hound's face being smashed into the flames. Joffrey threatens to skin Ser Pounce, and I'm sure that wasn't a joke.

Following the assassination attempt, it seemed like Bran was pushed because he knew/saw something he shouldn't have. When it became evident that Cersei was cheating on Robert and having another man's children, it's a safe bet that Bran caught them in the act. So Eddard would only need to assess every member of King Robert's entourage that visited Winterfell from there. Except for Jaime, who remained behind to defend the queen, all of the adult noble men left Winterfell with the king and Eddard to go hunting during the hours Bran was pushed. Jaime, who had already shown his capacity for dishonorable violence. Jaime is his sister's staunch supporter. Jaime, who would have been near to the queen at the time of all three pregnancies.

Tommen, who, as a "caged birdie," never learned to fly, performs the single proactive action in his life and jumps from the exact window that brought him freedom. In this manner, I believe he gets a different type of relief, at least in his head. Tommen's personality and the set design linked with him are both quite sad in my opinion. It's also ironic that Cersei mocks Sansa for being a "little bird" while transforming her youngest kid into one.

Of course, the best event in the Game of Thrones Season 6 finale is Walder Frey's murder at the hands of Arya Stark, who has also gotten very adept at teleportation. The period of Game of Thrones, as well as the distance between locations, have genuinely collapsed with time, but that is immaterial. Daenerys naming Tyrion her hand was one among the episode's many highlights. Benjen confirms his identity as Coldhands. And Jon Snow unexpectedly becoming King of the North thanks to the magnificent Lady Mormont. However, there will be consequences. Sansa isn't content, and she shouldn't be. It was a wild rollercoaster of a season, with enormous highs and awful lows. And now it seems that the end is near. Game of Thrones has thirteen episodes remaining to air, which will begin next year.

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