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However, its authors Rachel Ramras, Hugh Davidson, and Larry Dorf never fully exploit their liberty to pour the action into the domain of absurdity, which is where it belongs. Instead, "The Woman in the House," and that's all I'm going to say about the title from now on, flirts with craziness but never completely embraces it, which is a mistake. RELATED: The cosmic joke has been played on her.

When Anna inquires as to why Emma's father didn't hear anything, it is revealed that he was upstairs rehearsing his ventriloquist act. "By the way, his act stinks, which is why I murdered him," Emma says. Emma's statement becomes much more disturbing when she admits that she murdered her own mother because she had the arrogance to get pregnant without first asking her whether she wanted a sibling. Emma killed her mother by chopping the legs off a little wooden pier and enticing her to the end, where she shoved her pregnant mother into the lake and drowned.

Neil, the handsome British widower and single father who has just moved into the house across the street, is played by Tom Riley, and it's a shame Anna is pretty sure he's a murderer, because she had an instant connection with him and was considering a romance until she learned he has a gorgeous flight attendant girlfriend and there's a strong possibility he's, you know, a killer.

Anna is not believed by anybody. When the police come, there is no corpse, no proof of a crime, and they immediately believe Anna is hallucinating, what with the pills, the alcohol, the grief, and the fact Anna is reading the psychological thriller The Woman Across the Lake, and there's some meta humor for you. Even Anna's once sympathetic acquaintances are chatting about her drinking, snickering at her insanity, and telling her she's lost it, as Carol the neighbor says, "I used to feel horrible for you." But I no longer feel sorry for you, and I will no longer pray for you!

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The Woman In The Window Reddit Movie

In its early scenes, when a voice on the other end of a phone connection coaxes Anna (Amy Adams) paternally, you might be excused for wondering whether The Woman in the Window is merely teasing you. Why not make today your day to get outside? implies the voice. Oof. Anna has acquired anxiety and agoraphobia as a result of trauma, the specifics of which are revealed later in the film but have nothing to do with the viruses that are ravaging her west Harlem neighborhood and the rest of the globe. Someday, I'll hear phrases like these and not instantly sigh, but for now, they're a bit too close to home.

The problem is that when the police arrive, they discover no proof of a crime being committed, and Jane is perfectly well. Except Jennifer Jason Leigh is claiming to be Jane Russell, Julianne Moore is nowhere to be seen, and what is the matter with Anna's scary downstairs renter David (Wyatt Russell) anyway? He's obviously up to no good. A dizzying overhead perspective of a staircase, a skylight just waiting for someone to come crashing through, bits of evidence conveniently left laying about, and visual parallels to much finer noir thrillers, notably the aforementioned Rear Window, abound in The Woman in the Window. It's also full of cheap scares, false alarms, stupid police, loud storms, and cunning camera angles meant to make us feel as lost as Anna. The only thing those ingredients do is to give us a headache.

Be patient with Buell, the ever-present handyman. He definitely hit the nail on the head, holy hand indeed, and he has a hand in every incident. I've never seen a mailbox in such desperate need of repair. Why was a raccoon body discovered? Carving on Elizabeth's gravestone: Do we interpret that as "There's No. '1' in Heaven?" Alternatively, "There is no one in heaven." Is it real, surreal, or hallucination? Look for more Tylenol. Take note of the casting... Massacre Buell, the fingerprint technician, is in jail with Mike. Subtle parallels till...

The Woman, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc whenever she discovers a new clue, and the list of suspects grows, and the cops are truly terrible at their jobs, and Anna keeps getting caught in the rain, resulting in temporary paralysis, and even though this is a satire, we find ourselves actually caring about learning the identity of the killer, and when we do, it is just so WRONG on so many levels, and that is what makes it so funny.

The Woman In The Window Reddit Netflix

And while you watch it, you have to ask what sort of movie anybody thought they were producing. The film's provenance is flawless. It's directed by Wright (Anna Karenina, Atonement), written by virtuoso and multi-award-winning writer Tracy Letts, with a soundtrack by Danny Elfman, and a great cast that includes Adams, Gary Oldman, Anthony Mackie, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Julianne Moore, Letts, and Wyatt Russell. The home in which it is located is pretty gorgeous. There's a lot of alcohol and old movie clips on Anna's TV. The Woman at the Window is certainly attempting to achieve something. Instead, it is dormant, and for no apparent reason. A lady is confined in her home, maybe losing her grasp on reality, and the narrative has all the makings of a fantastic twisting thriller. We're seeing at things through her eyes. Is there criminal activity all around her? Is she having hallucinations? Is she merely desperate for attention?

Of course, at the end, Anna's worries have been externalized, she's fought them with a kitchen knife and triumphed, and she can say farewell to her home and all its ghosts. That may be called unrealistic wish-fulfillment, but it's also rather cathartic: Anna triumphs over a crippling sickness in a fistfight. It's the type of straightforward response you need at 2 a.m., when you're bewildered and irritated. Who am I fighting to get some sleep around here? Maybe I'll simply watch the movie again.

The Woman in the Window has had a difficult few years. Then came news that its initial autumn 2019 release date has been moved out to spring 2020. Trent Reznor then confirmed that he and Atticus Ross will no longer be scoring the film. Last but not least, the pandemic hit, effectively putting the picture on hold until a streaming provider made a decision to acquire it. So, it's reasonable to suggest Netflix should proceed with caution.

During a virtual press preview event today, Adams said that she was drawn to the project because it gave her something fresh, enabling her to dig into the kind of psychological thrillers [she has] liked over the years. The actress also said that Anna's character is wealthy, battling with a lot of darkness, and there's a lot of guilt and secrets, which blended in wonderfully with Wright's extremely unusual approach to the drama. Melinda Netflix Inc. / Sue Gordon

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Why did Ethan murder David? The Russells rage and shout at Anna on Wednesday, the day after she meets "Jane." She hears "Jane," alias Katie, leaving (probably after scaring the actual Jane and fighting with the Russells), then walks downstairs to ask David whether he heard the noise. She can hear a lady weeping in the background. Katie, she has no idea, is living with David because she has nowhere else to go. According to Ethan, he murdered David because "He earned it. He slept with my mother, which irritated her. Then he tossed her out. She may have simply left if he had left her alone. Then maybe none of this would have occurred."

In another variation on the genre's cliches, Anna awakens from a vodka binge to find the same lady dead in the aircraft restroom. When she flags down a flight attendant, the body has vanished, and no other passengers match Anna's description. Is Anna having hallucinations? Is she being kept in the dark about an alluring secret? The Woman in the House will not respond, at least not until Netflix approves Season 2.

Surprisingly, the finale of The Woman in the House reveals that Emma has been a serial murderer for quite some time. Emma had already murdered her own mother since her mother was expecting another child and Emma wanted to be an only child. Emma once pushed one of her school instructors over the top of a lighthouse after the teacher labeled Emma insane. Her psychotic motivations for killing her mother and instructor correspond with her decision to kill again and murder Lisa. Emma even claims that she eventually murdered Neil since his ventriloquist dummy performance is terrible. While Emma intended to kill Anna as well, it was Anna who murdered the vicious youngster in self-defense. Fortunately for Anna, her ex-husband Douglas (Michael Ealy) arrived in time to act as a witness to Emma's murder, clearing Anna of being responsible for the deaths of Lisa and Neil as well. Related: Every Netflix Original Series Returning in 2022

The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window's Biggest Unanswered Questions

"The Widow in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window," a satirical spin on the cozy mystery genre, stars Kristen Bell as a heartbroken woman whose wine-soaked existence is turned upside down when she believes she sees a murder. Anna (Bell) reinvents herself as an amateur detective throughout the series, trying to establish that the lady she saw in the window is, in fact, dead despite the fact that no one believes her.

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