T-Rex Slot Game Png

To begin, don't be alarmed when you see the obviously terrifying T-Rex on the reels; he is the wild symbol and substitutes for all other symbols on the reels, save the scatter (Dino Eggs), to form lucrative combos. When the T-Rex replaces a symbol to produce a winning combination, your winnings are doubled. T-Rex, however, will only appear on reel 3. Five Dino Egg scatters will offer a maximum multiplier of 200X your wager and activate the free spins bonus. The T-Rex progressive jackpot may, as usual, be triggered at random after any spin, regardless of stake amount.

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We may not be far off if we stated there isn't another slot machine like this one on the market! The dinosaur motif isn't overdone, and it'd be difficult to beat this RTG offering, particularly with the progressive jackpot! It not only tempts players with the amount increasing by the second, but it may also hit at random, even with the smallest wager! And for those who do not want to bet money right away, there is a free sample version accessible for limitless fun play!

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