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Don't be concerned, Steven Universe enthusiasts. Despite the conclusion of the previous season and the impending film, the popular Cartoon Network franchise is not coming to an end. The fifth season of Steven Universe concluded by tying up almost all loose ends: White Diamond relinquishes her iron grip rule and admits she was wrong, Steven realizes he is his own person and not his mother's, Homeworld is liberated from the rigid class system, and all the gems return to Earth to restore the corrupted gems.

Welker, Frank (corrupted; "Gem Glow", stock sound effect)

Nancherla, Aparna (uncorrupted) Nephrite (particularly Nephrite Facet-413 Cabochon-12), commonly known as the Centipeetle Mother in her corrupted form, is a previously-corrupted Homeworld Gem that first appeared in "Gem Glow." She was the captain of a squadron that served Pink Diamond and a Hessonite commander prior to her corruption. She was dispatched to Earth aboard a spacecraft to populate Earth 5,750 years ago, and was subsequently stuck on Earth during the Rebellion. She used to live on her former ship after being reunited with her crewmates in "Monster Reunion" until "Legs From Here to Homeworld," when Nephrite was briefly uncorrupted by Yellow Diamond, Blue Diamond, and Steven, with no apparent memory of being corrupted thereafter. In "Change Your Mind," she was permanently uncorrupted with her memories intact. She is presently residing at Little Homeworld and attending Little Homeschool after being cured and restored.

Bismuth comes on Homeworld flying Yellow's repaired arm ship to aid the Gems in their struggle against White Diamond. Bismuth, Lapis, and Peridot (the pilots of Blue's ship) assault White's spacecraft and successfully knock her over. She departs the ship and makes her presence known. She sees White seize control of Blue and Yellow and falls from the arm ships as White Diamond abandons them. Lapis eventually catches her, and the two crash land on the earth after Steven has extracted Pearl and Amethyst from their Gemstones. The Gems are halted as Sunstone starts to develop by White Diamond trying to smash them with the Diamond Mech. Bismuth reaches out to defend Lapis, but Sunstone saves them all by shoving the foot away. Bismuth is in amazement and excitement as the Gems create Obsidian after Sunstone's botched effort to climb the Mech. Bismuth delivers Connie the new blade she created for her, and the four of them flee to divert White Diamond's attention away from Obsidian.

Sapphires were nobles, regarded as uncommon and part of the aristocratic elites; nonetheless, they were not immune to pariah status. They were the only unique Gems that could predict probable occurrences utilizing their future vision. "Your Clarity" was their honorific. Padparadschas were a subtype. Morganites

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