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The corpse of the phone's owner is in the mortuary at Lakeview Memorial Hospital, according to the response. Please do not come here. Eight-year-old Kirsten staggers out into the hallway after shouting at the top of her lungs and wrecking the room around her. Her worried ersatz guardians Jeevan and Frank wait. She gives them the message before collapsing into Jeevan's arms, crying.

Tyler is revealed to be the Prophet at the conclusion of Episode 5. Apart from explaining the unknown character's diverse behavior and history, it also explains why the Prophet continues repeating the Station Eleven comic. This had previously perplexed Kirsten, who thought she possessed the sole copy of the book. However, as we see in the expanded flashbacks, Tyler was also handed a copy of the comic by Arthur and so seems to be familiar with its strange meaning. More: Where Was Station Eleven Shot?

This show had such an impact on me. I finished it and then watched the last episode with some friends while they were completing it. I wept uncontrollably. The narrative of Kirsten and Jeevan, in terms of his assuming responsibility for a little child in a time of terrible distress, and doing so when most people would be entirely focused on self-preservation, was really affecting to me. I'm not even sure whether that scenario is realistic, but it makes me want for a form of humanity that I can only hope exists. I read the book after viewing the play and was unhappy that the tale of Kirsten and Jeevan was not included, but I still loved it. In comparing the two, I'd want to applaud whomever adapted the book to the program for what they contributed and how they cinematically brought the notion to life. But, to underline, as a woman who has battled her whole life to feel secure and protected, Kirsten and Jeevan's tale has really touched me, and I am glad.

I guess the general argument I'm trying to convey is that art counts at Station Eleven. It improves the lives of both artists and spectators. The Conductor's piano performance in the rain at the conclusion of the episode is really joyful, yet it may also serve as a skeleton for evil forces such as the Prophet's toxic thoughts and acts. There's no reason to suppose that following an end-of-the-world scenario, end-of-the-world tales won't take off in a significant manner. Look around you, you know? Sean T. Collins (@theseantcollins) writes about television for Rolling Stone, Vulture, The New York Times, and pretty much everywhere else. His family and he reside on Long Island.

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