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Spier And Mackay Reddit

Spier And Mackay Quality Reddit

I got a turtleneck sweater with the same problem today. I normally wear an XL in every top (t-shirts, button downs, sweaters, etc. ), so I got a XXL just to be cautious. It was still a little bit tiny for me. The sleeves and collar were excellent, and the length was enough. It was, however, somewhat cramped. It didn't bother me, but it looked horrible in the way that a tight shirt usually does on a huge man like me. This disappointed me since the sweater was of high quality and I had been looking forward to receiving it for two weeks. Obviously, spending $15 for nothing (return postage from the US) is equally inconvenient. All of this is to indicate that large people will struggle with non-custom items at S&M. If you normally wear a size at the top of the range, you are unlikely to find a suitable fit.

Mackays and Spiers Neapolitan Model Revised Spier and Mackay have also taken a go at the Italian look, and in my judgment, theyve nailed it, and at a far lower price (on average, roughly $100 less than SuitSupply). Rick from Spier and Mackay sent me a sport coat and a suit for evaluation, both in their newly revised Neapolitan cut and in modern fit. Rick said, "We observed desire in the Neapolitan style in general, and we identified a need in the market for an economical version." Improved lapel shape/height, button stance, quarters, and shoulder structure. The latest version, or v3, as many clients refer to it, is 95 percent complete, if not more.

S&M is restricted in terms of the range of cuts offered. Its suit offering is just four seasons old, and hence lacks the breadth of alternatives that SS provides. I have one S&M suit with peak lapels that I like, but the rest of my suits have notch lapels in the standard 3" to 3.5" inch lengths (no skinny lapels here!). There is a made to order program with a 30% upcharge; you can modify a few items such as lapels and cloth, but it is not MTM. They only sell MTM in their Canadian brick and mortar shop (not online). FABRIC

When they computed the store credit, however, it was not the whole 20%. They simply couldn't seem to get it right. It was simply a lengthy, drawn-out struggle, and at the time, I was thinking, It's so tough dealing with them, and they make me work as the customer. They do not comprehend my circumstance and believe that this is not worth my effort. I realize that, at the end of the day, you can't expect the world if you purchase a cheaper product. A lower-cost product usually indicates a worse level of customer service. If that's cool with you, that's fantastic.

Spier And Mackay Overcoat Reddit

I own both a DB and a polo and am pleased with both. I agree with the previous comment: polo is easy to dress down. But, on the other hand, I didn't get my DB to dress down since it's the camel one, which shouldn't be dressed down. I have the brown zanieri polo, which is simpler to dress down due to the materials and color, as well as the design. However, if the navy one ever goes on sale, I'll buy that as well. The only reason I haven't received it yet is because I already have one. However, at a lower price, it will be difficult to refuse.

The cloth is really lovely. The color is accurate; it is visibly grey (as opposed to black, as some charcoal greys sometimes seem), while remaining dark. This implies that it will go with almost every clothing and color combination on the world. Construction & Quality

I was looking for something utterly different (to paraphrase the Pythons) and on a whim thought I'd investigate and see if there was anything on teddy bear jackets and discovered entries dating back to 2014. So, just in case anybody is still interested in this style, I thought I'd add a few of photographs of my Harrods marked one and my open vehicle version (unlabelled) with leather top and teddy bottom in case anyone searches this up again, sorry for just having photos of myself wearing both. It's not yet chilly enough in London, UK, to consider wearing them for a time.

Today I received my Moon field jacket. I'd want to warn anybody who purchased or is contemplating purchasing a field jacket based on the fit of past seasons' field jackets (like I did). The fit on this new one is absolutely different from the measuring chart on their website. When compared to the same size from the previous FW season, the shoulders are a solid 2 cm narrower, the chest is a huge 4 cm smaller, and the sleeves (particularly the forearms) are absurdly tiny. I'm not sure whether I want to swap for a larger size or if the fit has changed so much that it no longer works for me. These large differences in measures across fabrics/seasons of the same garment are beginning to dampen my enthusiasm for the company. When purchasing abroad, returns and exchanges are a tremendous nuisance (and expense), and it always seems like a crapshoot whether things will fit or not.

Spier And Mackay Review Reddit

Mackay, Spier, and I Before I begin my Spier and Mackay suit review, I must admit that they form the basis of a large amount of my wardrobe. I'm fortunate in that their stuff fits me nicely right off the rack; all I normally need to do is have the sleeves and slacks hemmed. Even better, their suits are offered as pieces, which means they can switch out the pants for the waist size I need. I wear a 42R jacket and need trousers with a 33 waist. A drop 9 size like that is hard to get by off the shelf.

Spier & Mackay pants have a standard 6 drop, therefore a 38R jacket comes with 32 trousers. They are very lengthy, which has always puzzled me. Seriously, I get that the fashion industry creates things for the average person, but 15 cm longer? Needless to say, hemming the pants is a must. More on it later, since the tailor I went to completely botched the length. I have two comments about the general fit. It fits well from the waist to the knee. Like, flawless. They also sit a little higher up, which is wonderful.

Take note of the V.B.C. sharkskin fabric's aesthetic texture.

The jacket fit nicely on my 510 pound body, but I felt that the back of the suit could still be taken in on my slender athletic (not skinny) frame. The jacket's length is just below the rear, which is my favourite length. There is no clipped material here. The shoulders are softly padded, just enough to give them structure but not aggressively so that it is obvious.

With Spier and Mackay, configuring an MTO jacket is a straightforward, step-by-step procedure. You choose the fabric first, then the model, and finally the details. After selecting my fabric, I picked the Neapolitan cut, which fits me well. Instead of the conventional barchetta + patch combination, I opted to attempt a triple patch pocket design. For an additional +$150 CDN, full canvas seems like a nice choice. The design is completed with a 1/4 butterfly lining and functional sleeve buttons. Sizing

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