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Yuzuru Nishimiya: Yuzuru was initially antagonistic to Ishida because she was aware of what he had done to her sister in the past. She became excellent friends with him after realizing how much he regretted his actions, and together they help support Shko and safeguard her from being treated poorly by others. Yuzuru depended on Ishida when she was severely devastated by her grandmother's death since they had a strong connection and her grandmother was the one who supported her the most, despite the fact that she was not on good terms with her mother.

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Shko Nishimiya (, Nishimiya Shko?) is the main character in the Koe no Katachi series.

While Shko is not fully deaf (due to the hearing aids she wears in both ears), her hearing loss is severe enough that she is clinically deaf. Despite this, it has been shown that, although she cannot comprehend specific words, she can hear different pitches of tones in other people's voices. Nishimiya is also seen using just one hearing aid, as indicated in Chapter 21. This might be a result of Ishida's behavior in Chapter 03 of removing her second hearing aid and irreversibly injuring her ear.

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