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The simple reason is that Capcom no longer thought that consumers were interested in horror. Masachika Kawata, series producer, told Gamasutra in 2012 that he believes the series should go in that (action-oriented) direction, particularly in relation to the North American market. Capcom thought that implementing these Call of Duty-like elements was the only way to reach Call of Duty-like sales statistics. Producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi even confessed that the producers only included zombies in the game because they were popular, and that the developers attempted to react to [fan] demands by including them in this game.

Whoever is in charge of Capcom's Facebook page has a sense of humour, and they've certainly spent enough time on the internet this week to recognize that many people believe the new Resident Evil 6 emblem looks like a giraffe. No less than a giraffe doing anything to a human. Perhaps that item is the T-virus, and we'll be fighting zombified giraffes in the forthcoming game. Their lengthy necks would aid in brain-eating, and they'd be very entertaining to decapitate.

But I always envision a giraffe having his trouser snake sucked when I see this logo.... So how come my doctor usually shows me trouser snakes in blots? But I always envision a giraffe having his trouser snake sucked when I see this logo.... KittenLina #9 9 years ago Reading about this issue usually always makes me want to put in the effort to create a counter-argument, but they're never really worth it in the end. I'll teach them the mistake of their ways......and remind them that they should be afraid of me.

When I arrived at work this morning, the first thing I asked Mark was whether he'd seen the new Resident Evil logo. He laughed and mentioned a giraffe before halting and not continuing his statement. But what exactly is it supposed to be? I described it as looking like a horse shoe with an extended thing.

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