Reddit Talk Ios Theverge

If you opened your Reddit app today and spotted a new video icon next to the search bar, you may be only a touch away from witnessing the forum platform's take on TikTok. According to TechCrunch, the video feed, which collects material from subreddits you follow as well as others you don't, began rolling out to iOS users on Friday. When I load the feed into my own Reddit iOS app, the experience is unmistakably TikTok-like. You may browse a vertical, never-ending list of videos showcasing material from the vast universe of Reddit. Upvoting and downvoting are available, as well as commenting, awarding (using Reddit in-app cash to buy medals and responses), and sharing.

According to the firm, it is exploring methods for hosts to personalize the appearance of Talks using emojis and other backdrop colors, and users will be able to alter their avatar as well.

Reddit has announced a social audio function, joining Twitter, Slack, Discord, LinkedIn, and Spotify. On April 9th, Mashable reported that Reddit was working on a social audio function.

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