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Choose the Monk if you wish to learn skilled hand-to-hand melee fighting and channel your melee pummeling skills into devastating strikes of holy energy. The Monk is the maestro of engagement, sprinting across the battlefield and exercising complete control over the situation with pulls, pushes, and mantras. As you finish them off with flurries of spiritual strength, your debilitating attacks overrun the opponents like the sweeping seas. In Diablo Immortal, the Monk epitomizes the dichotomy of an elusive assassin and holy defender, combining martial proficiency with group-wide value. 1.1. Monk Advantages

Builds and skill choices are clearly crucial, but Diablo is ultimately about farming and equipping the proper things. It is critical to learn which things will help your class the most and then focus farming them via gambling, upgrading rares into legendaries at the Cube, and even reforging them into greater rolls. All six-piece class sets (Raiment, Inna, Sunwuko, Uliana, Patterns) and the two-piece weapon set Shenlong's Spirit provide an useful and strong playstyle to the class. Monks have class-specific fist weapons and daibos, such as Kyoshiro's Blade, Rabid Strike, Scarbringer, Vengeful Wind, Lion's Claw, Incense Torch of the Grand Temple, and The Flow of Eternity, to name a few.

"Because we contemplated creating the Crusader instead, the Monk was perhaps the most contentious class. We ultimately chose Monk since it was more of a visual and kit antithesis to the Barbarian. If we had chosen Crusader, Monk would have been the expansion class. I'm delighted that worked out since I believe the Crusader was a stronger thematic class for what we intended to achieve with the expansion." Wilson, Jay (src) During the creation of Diablo III, the Monk was possibly the most contentious class. Either Blizzard would build the Monk and then add the Crusader as an expansion class, or vice versa. Finally, the Monk was given precedence since it was seen to be a better kit and aesthetic match for the Barbarian. [4] Despite the Monk-Crusader duality, the Monk was conceived as a "twist on the Paladin" (from Diablo II), with Holy assaults as a focus. Avatar: The Last Airbender served as inspiration for the Monk.

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