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I've been browsing some rather old reddit threads for advice on how to build up my barb, and I've come across a lot of 10 year old thoughts. Most players like to maximize Axe Mastery and Whirlwind or Double Swing. I'm interested what you think, particularly with the new Resurrected drop. I've been pumping ALL of my points into Find Item, and I'm starting to think it was a bad decision haha Sometimes it's a fantastic find, but +3 percent every level is... well, not worth it. I should mention that I still have my reset and am still in regular mode. How should I distribute my points before and after reaching level 30? What about nightmares or hell?

Effect of Lv Skill Type Cleave 1 Release a strong assault that delivers X damage to all foes in your path and causes them to bleed for Y damage over 3 seconds. Maximum of three charges. 1 - Ancients' Hammer Call out a gigantic hammer that crushes foes in front of you for X damage and shakes the ground itself for Y damage over 2 seconds. whirlwind 8 Turn into a steel whirlwind, constantly attacking all around opponents for X damage while travelling at 70% decreased speed. Whirlwind's energy is steadily depleted when it is used, but it restores while it is not in use. Sprint 15 For 4.5 seconds, increase your movement speed by 50%. You may travel freely past foes when active, and you are resistant to movement-impairing effects. 20 Violent Charge Charge ahead, knocking down all foes and doing X damage. Maximum of three charges. This talent can only effect players once every 3 seconds. Whirlwind

sunbreak armor monster hunter rise

You'll spend your first 20 points, as predicted, maxing up your Berserk skill. This is your main offensive ability, and all other abilities are designed to work in tandem with it. Weapon Mastery, or WM, is a popular talent for any Barbarian build because to its increased raw DPS. WM is very helpful and should be your second talent to master. Crafted goods are beneficial for many builds, but they don't accomplish anything for our berserker. We don't actually require blood products for their leech since we don't leech to begin with. We don't need a safety amulet for blocking since we don't block, and we don't require open wounds from a blood belt because we'd shattered everything to pieces before open wounds would even operate.

Blood-Soaked Jade: Increases all damage dealt by up to 8% and your movement speed by 10%. The damage boost is proportional to your Life stat. Increases all damage you do by up to 8% and your movement speed by 10%. The damage boost is proportional to your Life stat. Seeping Bile: Your strikes have a 4% chance of poisoning foes, dealing 25% basic damage + 263 per second for 6 seconds. If the victim dies, the poison spreads to neighboring opponents.

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