Reddit Ceo Doesn Plan Ban Pornography

saying, you know, no sex at all.

To understand (let alone answer) that question, you must first have a working knowledge of Reddit's labyrinthine depths. For the uninitiated, the site is essentially a social news service divided into tens of thousands of themed forums known as subreddits. Users post links, photos, and in-jokes to the forums, which are then rated positively or negatively by other users. Volunteer moderators, or mods, run the forums and have the authority to make and enforce rules as they see fit. In general, corporate Reddit Advance Publications-affiliated Reddit, $50-million funding round Reddit, and only-70-employees Reddit Reddit does not intervene unless the company is facing legal action. The core philosophy, co-founder Alexis Ohanian explained in an early book on Reddit, was to give people what they want. Whatever they desire. As a result, each forum has a unique appearance. One of my favorite mods in r/aww prohibits slurs, harassing comments, and anything sad. Slurs and harassing comments were the norm on r/thefappening, where users shared celebrity nudes that dominated September's news cycle. (And that was pretty sad on its own.)

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