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A Hot Scientist is commonly a Hot Librarian, and she is frequently a Girl of the Week or a Temporary Love Interest. In a Badass Longcoat, she may be an Action Girl or a Science Hero. If she isn't a scientist, she may be a Science Hero's Babe Assistant. Female protagonists, on the other hand, are often assigned a Horny Scientist. However, this trope seems to be becoming less and less Always Female. Expect to see beautiful males with PhDs in Japanese media, particularly in genres marketed towards female audiences.


Melissa subsequently pays a visit to her father in the hospital. They converse as he heals from his injuries. The remainder of Class 1-A joins forces to attend the I-Expo proper. Izuku and All Might meet at the conclusion of the journey and marvel at the city before departing.

Melissa's ability as a scientist essentially serves as a stronger representation of the civilization of My Hero Academia. The incredible skills of Pro Heroes benefited civilization by encouraging regular scientists like Melissa to create technology that rivals the might of their defenders. This is essentially the inverse of Lex Luthor's belief that superheroes (particularly, Superman) stifle humanity's development by serving as an overprotective crutch. OUT OF THE BOX SUPPLEMENTS

Melissa is a kind, intelligent young lady with a great outlook. Melissa, despite being Quirkless, works hard and aspires to be a hero. She admires heroes such as All Might, but her father is her hero. Melissa, like her father, wants to aid heroes. She feels that by working hard to develop new innovations, she and her father would be able to indirectly fight for peace. Melissa is a kind and generous person. She quickly became acquainted with the majority of Class 1-A, particularly Izuku Midoriya. U.A. students joined her at the I-Expo, where she took them around and taught them about Izuku's Quirk. Melissa offered Izuku Full Gauntlet to assist him lessen the tension on his body since the scars on his hand worried her.

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