Pre K Graduation Shirts Svg

Now comes the exciting part! Take your now-attached design and gently push it onto the blackboard sign, carefully aligning it up and ensuring that it is straight. If you like how it appears, grab your vinyl scraper and rub the pattern into the sign with slightly more power than the previous time you used it. CAREFULLY begin pulling the transfer paper away from the design. DO NOT PEEL STRAIGHT UP; instead, keep your transfer paper as near to the surface as possible while peeling it back. This method prevents the design from being pushed up and being adhered to the transfer paper. If you discover the design isn't releasing in certain places as you peel back, carefully set that section back down and scrape over it a number of times before trying again. That generally solves the problem! Continue until the transfer paper is separated from the design, and TA-DAH, you have a fresh new graduation sign that you designed all by yourself! WOOHOO!! FREE SVG Graduation Chalkboard Sign

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