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Every day, people going about their everyday lives come upon dead bodies: the sample above only contains occurrences that make the headlines. If people continue to play Pokmon Go with even half the zeal they have now, they will very likely continue to unearth dead corpses. By just strolling about, you may make many fascinating discoveries about the world. But there are some that are darker. Every day, we highlight a fresh discovery, curiosity, or amazement. Have you discovered anything amazing? Please tell us about it! Please send your discoveries to

Do you have any queries on how to utilize these Pokmon Go tools to improve your game? Have you discovered another Map or Tracker that isn't featured here that you think is extremely useful? Leave a comment below, and don't forget to check out our Complete Pokdex as well as our other Pokmon Go Guides to become a Pokmon Master!

Including, it seems, the United States Department of Defense.

Within the United States government, operations security (OPSEC) refers to the procedure that intelligence officers and other government employees undertake to secure unclassified information that enemies may exploit to inflict damage. In general, it means being mindful of what you publish on social media, write in emails, or discuss in public, with the understanding that such material may end up in the hands of an opponent.

This is simply one of several elements that the game does not explain right away. There are also green leaves that emerge when wandering around the map but do not provide any information to you. As it turns out, this is only an indicator of where Pokemon often spawn, not a guarantee that a Pokemon is there at the time. Fortunately, Pokemon Go enthusiasts have banded together online to solve all of these questions. Several Reddit users hypothesized on the blue light as if they were forensic experts in one Reddit post. Some speculated that it had anything to do with the Pokemon's moves, while others assumed it was just a minor background picture. But, in the end, the true explanation concerning the latest catches surfaced.

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