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When the Cat's Away, which premiered on April 18, 1929, was essentially a remake of Alice Rattled by Rats (15 January 1926), one of Alicia's comedies. This is Kat Nipp's second appearance (tras The Opry House). Kat Nipp is an anthropomorphic cat that is always on the run. Un da leaves the house to go cazar. At that point, a swarm of rats invades the house in search of food. Mickey and Minnie are among them. The unusual aspect of this short is seeing two rats with the size and behavior of two genuine rats, since previous and subsequent productions featured Mickey and Minnie as two anthropomorphic rats the size of little human beings. Mickey as a soldier

In Spain, the neutrality of the language was maintained until 1992. In that year, all of Walt Disney's productions began to be remade in Spain, and actor Jos Padilla was tasked with remaking the character Mickey Mouse. Rafael Alonso Naranjo Jr. did the Spanish dubbing for the 1992 film Quin enga a Roger Rabbit? Author's rights [editar]

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