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I have Total Wireless and have been looking into the same subject... According to what I've observed, you need to activate the "CDMA-less" option on your line; unfortunately, not every CS agent knows how to do so. They will tell you that they can't or that Verizon doesn't allow it, but only around one out of ten will activate it on your account.

The great majority of phones purchased in the United States are purchased via carriers or other retail locations, and it is uncommon for a device to be sold by a carrier without tons of additional software and extraneous branding to remind you who you pay each month for service each time you pick it up. In fact, prior to the OnePlus 6T, Apple and Google were the only businesses to get phones into carrier shops without such red tape. Needless to say, OnePlus has distinguished itself. OnePlus is now in a position to go from the fringe to the mainstream.

The North American model only has one SIM card slot, whereas the other models have two. They may work if you shave down the SIM holder in the North American phone and put two SIMs in there, but I haven't seen it in action yet. According to the reviewers' guide, the four models have drastically varying network support. Only the OnePlus 9 Pro in North America features millimeter-wave, which is vital for Verizon customers. Furthermore, only the North American editions of the 9 and 9 Pro support CBRS band 48; the US version of C-band, known as band 77; or T-band Mobile's 71, which the carrier relies heavily on for coverage. The handsets from India and China also lack Verizon's band 13, which is necessary for 4G service.

Then I go online and learn that folks can accomplish this in about 5 minutes with only one phone call. So I phone again, speak with a new person, and just ask whether this may be registered as cdma-less. She says she can certainly do it for me. She does it and tells me she's sending me a test message. Bam, phone blows up with roughly 20 test and missed messages from the day before. The issue has been resolved. Everything seems to be in working order. So, I apologize for the wall of words, but if this helps anybody else who is experiencing the same problem, it will have been worthwhile. Good luck getting through to the appropriate person when you phone; it took me three attempts.

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