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With the Smith's Forge, you may convert that worthless stuff into a strong boost. This card substitutes goods in your inventory with a damage reduction bonus, similar to an additional layer of armor. As a Rogue, you want to take the least amount of damage possible, therefore this is ideal. 6 The Gunners

Village cards activate a new XP and level system, and once that XP bar is full, you're offered a choice of three random skills from a class-specific ability table. I prefer abilities that improve damage or minimize incoming damage over those that promote resource collecting or are metagame enhancers. It's certainly possible to have bad luck with what you draw here. For the Rogue, I insta-grab the ability that offers a 75% chance to generate a pet that can tank and deal damage. And for the Necromancer, I usually choose the +1 Max Skeletons ability, which allows me a little more leeway in deciding which rings and other gear to use. There is an accomplishment for producing 10 skeletons, which is still a personal goal of mine.

I searched through tutorials to see if there was anything wrong with the first building placement, but nothing worked, so I began a fresh project, and I still can't put the campfire during the lesson. Even with a totally new board and just one viable location for the fundamental construction, it has the same issue. I haven't found anybody else experiencing this issue, but it has brought my game to a halt. Has anybody else have this problem or solved it?

The optimal Necromancer build prioritizes Attack Speed, using Desert tiles and Forest along the river to boost attack speed (summoning time.)

Assault Speed is primarily relied upon, with Desert tiles and Forest near the river being used to improve attack speed (summoning time.) Because of the new interactions between Deserts and Forests introduced in the July patch, this build has been impacted: Maquis tiles are now created when Desert tiles are put near to Forest tiles. These tiles minimize opponent damage while increasing attack speed. They take the place of the Forest and Desert tile benefits, lowering the efficacy of the construction somewhat.

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