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Let's start with the best class to play before we get into what each class is excellent for. I really wanted to be the Necromancer, but this class is too reliant on RNG to be effective. This is why I believe the Rogue is currently the best Loop Hero class. By Chapter 3, the Necromancer feels impossible to play unless you obtain the perfect items and traits. The Rogue, on the other hand, handles well enough without worrying too heavily about RNG. Continue reading for brief pointers on each class. Tips & Tricks for the Warrior Class

I searched through tutorials to see if there was anything wrong with the first building placement, but nothing worked, so I began a fresh project, and I still can't put the campfire during the lesson. Even with a totally new board and just one viable location for the fundamental construction, it has the same issue. I haven't found anybody else experiencing this issue, but it has brought my game to a halt. Has anybody else have this problem or solved it?

Desert and sand dune cards are also good choices for the necromancer class because they reduce your enemies' HP. Although the description states that it reduces the HP of all creatures, your skeletons are unaffected. Furthermore, the necromancer retains his magical HP, which is unaffected. The finest necromancer characteristics

RELATED: Loop Hero Game A Year After The Pandemic, Things Are Looking Up Cards are dropped by enemies. The more cards you hold, the better your chances are. If you kill a row of Spiders, you'll almost certainly have a complete hand of helpful cards. Despite their numbers, spiders aren't too tough to destroy, and the benefits are well worth the effort.

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