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Killua Gon Sticking His Tongue Out

After the startled Shalnark concedes that he is correct, Franklin goes on to argue that they are too reliant on Chrollo and that their deaths would be the biggest act of treachery against him. He instructs them to stop arguing and allow Pakunoda depart with the two boys, adding that if Chrollo does not return, they would simply murder the deceived members and start again. Machi says they may think anything they want, but she isn't being influenced and will not allow them murder her. Kurapika dials Shalnark's phone number again, but before Phinks can answer, he orders him to hand over the phone to the captives. Phinks calls Gon, who tells Kurapika that he is alright and verifies that all Troupe members are present in the hideaway. Gon tosses the phone away, making Shalnark worried about it being damaged. Phinks regretfully informs Kurapika that they have agreed to his requirements and that Pakunoda and the prisoners are departing immediately.

The fact that Gon is boosted more by Killua's assistance than by anyone else's, as well as Killua's desire to keep going despite his pain, reveals a special strength that only the best of friends can provide each other. With Killua nearby, Gon has enough energy to continue his strikes. Gon's desire for Killua to hold the ball alone, on the other hand, makes Killua feel needed, enabling him to play despite the discomfort. Brothers Or Best Friends?

As he gazed around, a nostalgic grin emerged on his face. Back then, he really liked fighting. It was either that or the money. The two stood there triumphantly watching Gon beat his opponent with a single push. They were able to complete their battles with a single strike. With how simple it seemed to be, collecting money could be the least of their worries today. Killua casually cut the back of someone's neck, and Aurora pressed her hand on their brow, sending them flying.

"Of course I did, I always win, don't I?" Killua said triumphantly.

"Don't we have a large ego, and how the heck am I expected to know you always win when I just met you?" I grumbled. He looked at me, and I looked back. At that point, Gon decided to butt in, saying, "umm....guys, we're supposed to be having fun today," a bit too excitedly.

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