Katherine Levac Et David Beaucage

Zoofest expands its distribution area with Denis Talbot, a former Musique Plus employee and cultural icon, for a Radio Talbot Live. It will be a question of technology and video games with his friends Benot Gagnon, Ian Richard, and Benot Mercier. To avoid citation. Another innovation: The BD improvises, meeting on the drawing scene by the Curie of Front Cold, a magazine dedicated to the 9th art, and the Ligue Qubcoise dimpro BD (LIQIBD): comedians, illustrators, and constraints all in one place. In another room, Katherine Levac, Quebec's most famous comedian, and David Beaucage will appear in a double billboard titled "A Great Program."

In addition, the joke about the pre who doesn't want a child and waits for his wife to give him a hand to lavorate has made its way into the room. Un joke in which he admits to having tested each of the representations but never elicited the desired reaction. His Jim Carey impersonation, as well as his character spoofs, are superbly Russian. He removes the uneasiness with a joke on the mre of a friend, who, upon his return from work and exhaustion, tues the family dog under the pretense of reprsailles for his kid and his pdophilic husband. Alternatively, use the body of a deceased grandparent as an ice pack on a cheville foule. When jokes of this kind are delivered with respect and vigour, as Beaucage does, any subject may be made to laugh without breaking the audience's hearts.

Consider David Beaucage's number - one of my favorites - on the order of children in a family. Everyone will be concerned whether the child is the first or the third. It is with three children that the parents begin to relax about the stress of becoming parents. He claims that after three children, he will no longer be able to work.

Katherine Levac and David Beaucage have a new show to present. A great show that wowed the audience at Zoofest last year. The two friends will appear on the stage of the Cabaret Lion dOr two nights in a row, on March 17 and 18, for an evening of sketches, songs, stand-up routines, and other entertainment. The tickets are available on the Lion d'Or website.

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