Kaidou Saiki K Low Quality

seem to be more interested with the mnemonic they learnt.

13 0.0 School Trip to Okinawa (Part 2) When Teruhashi is being hit on by two males, Kaidou rushes to his help. Is he capable of driving them away? Furthermore, on the final day of the school trip, Saikis' whole emphasis is on getting to the store that offers the rare Coffee Red Bean Anmitsu. Continue Reading To continue, you must be logged in. Log in or join up by clicking here.

Shun assumed the character of a geek in middle school. He had his hair down, his bangs obscuring his face, and he wore glasses. However, when he joined high school, he began to plot to transform himself in order to make friends. His hair is now spiky, and he wears contact lenses. He wears scarlet bandages on both arms to lock away his abilities in allusion to his chuunibyou. He is the shortest male in his class, as well as the majority of the girls. He wears the normal male uniform of PK Academy to school. His garment has a damaged collar and is ripped in other areas. He is seen to dress casually on his days off, with his arms constantly covered by sleeves or bandages.

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