K Chicken And Bowl Tampa

Fusion Bowl serves high-quality meals with quick service and delectable flavors at extremely cheap costs. For those with more free time, our restaurant is ideal for relaxing and unwinding. The decor is contemporary rustic but inviting. Come see for yourself and eat deliciously nutritious meals!

Here's what 5-star reviewer Chizom K. had to say:

We had sweet and spicy chicken tenders, which were incredibly crunchy and remained hot until we got home. We also had Soy Pepper flavored chicken tenders, which were DELICIOUS. The beef Bulgogi fried rice was well-cooked and flavorful. The chicken lunches cost $12.95 apiece and include fries. Oh, and the pan seared pork potstickers were crisp and excellent. Despite the 26-minute journey, I would gladly return. It was well worth it. The interior of the restaurant enticed me to remain and dine.

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