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Dinosaurs Rule The World Again After The 2018 Dinosaur Outbreak, They Attack Cities, Attack People And Animals For Territory, And Spread A Disease That Makes Humans Weaker, But Dinosaurs Stronger And Smarter. One group of survivors, including Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, Maisie Lockwood, Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, and many other survivors, must save the dinosaurs, while another group, including Ian Malcolm and the Extinction Now group, want to exterminate all dinosaurs. As Blue and her Raptor Tribe join the epic battle and the dinosaurs resume their rampage, the fate of the planet and one dominant species will be decided.

The helicopter is attacked by Rexy, but it escapes. She rushes after the campers, but Darius and Brooklynn hurl pebbles at her, so she pursues after them. She is distracted by a voice. She is pursuing a mercenary called Jack, as shown below. After Jack climbs a ladder sent down by his helicopter crew, the Tyrannosaur grips the ladder with her mouth and uses her power to drag the chopper down. She does, however, end up biting the bottom of the ladder, allowing Jack and the other mercenaries to flee before the Mosasaurus leaps up and devours Jack. Season four

Across the Arcadia

Later, Owen and Claire discovered Rexy comatose on a vehicle, where they required some of her blood for a transfusion for Blue, who had been shot by one of Wheatley's mercenaries. Claire rode on the back of the theropod while attempting to give the blood bag to Owen. Owen peered into Rexy's eyes as she awakened from her sedated after being locked up by one of the mercenaries. When she found herself in a tight place with humans around her, she began to panic and try to break free of her chains, forcing Owen to leap between her snapping jaws to escape out of the vehicle. [4]


When her nephew Gray Mitchell argued that they needed another warrior in the last battle against the renegade Indominus rex during the Jurassic World Incident, Claire Dearing ordered Lowery Cruthers to open the entrance to the paddock. She lured Rexy (movie cannon) out of the paddock and onto Main Street with a flare. The Tyrannosaurus rex quickly abandoned the paddock when she was free to wander the island after the struggle with the hybrid. Later that year, the Tyrannosaur constructed its nest in this now-defunct display. She aggressively protected it from outsiders such as human poachers. The Rex most likely remained in this location until the events of 2018, when Mount Sibo erupted.

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