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Is Bran The Night King Reddit

Associated Content Bella Ramsey on Becoming Elizabeth's 'Chessboard,' Fame After Game of Thrones, and More While it has long been assumed that the program would disclose that Bran and the Night King are the same person, it is still uncertain if the show can (or will) do so. The death of the Night King by Arya during the Battle of Winterfell demonstrated that Bran is not as inexorably bound to the undead ice tyrant as we assumed, nor were they proven to be the same. According to Reddit user u/itsmyst, the Night King is not really dead, and Bran will resurrect the dead Winterfell army to aid in the war against Cersei. Itsmyst observes that the Night King's death was rather underwhelming; the death does not fulfill the Azor Ahai prophesy, and Jon and Daenerys' army is destroyed. Itsmyst continues, "Perhaps [Bran] will resurrect the army of the dead." As a manner of referring to Bran becoming the Night King and so giving Jon and Dany the upper hand, he summons an army to battle Cersei.

He is now aware that he is the Night King. And is destined to fail. As himself by not putting a stop to man's ruin. Alternatively, the Night King may cause it (also killing all his family and friends).... That would explain why he is so dry today and didn't thank Meera; she made it possible for him to discover this and he will end up murdering her as a result. Also, why did he give Arya the Knife? Perhaps in an effort to assist her rescue herself and Sansa.

This finding follows on the heels of a comprehensive explanation outlining how the twist may occur. According to Reddit user turm0il26, Bran will attempt to change history in a variety of ways, including travelling back in time to build the Wall as Bran the Builder, a notion that seems to be heavily foreshadowed in George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire trilogy. Bran will then make one last desperate attempt to save Westeros by warging into the man the Children of the Forest finally convert into the first White Walker in an attempt to persuade them not to proceed with the procedure. MORE: Follow our all-encompassing Facebook page and join up for our exclusive newsletter to keep up to current on things Game of Thrones.

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