How Did David From Bratayley Die

The Bratayleys are unlikely to compete with the revenues earned by the talent behind TV shows, but a combination of advertising income, merchandising, and other revenue sources such as personal appearances are converting amateur digital stars into billionaires. Product integrations are common in family vlogs, with advertisers paying families to showcase their latest items. Caleb had just started working with Disney in August as part of a large unpacking campaign to promote the release of toys linked to the impending Star Wars: The Force Awakens film.

Caleb Logan Bratayley, a member of the Bratayleys, a prominent YouTube family, has died. He was 13. On Oct. 2, the Bratayley family shared the news on Instagram with a snapshot of their kid and one of his sisters. They added in the caption, "Caleb Logan Bratayley died as a result of natural causes. This has taken all of us by surprise. Words cannot express how much he will be missed. His tremendously witty, caring, and lovely nature drew us all in as a YouTuber, friend, brother, and son."

On Sunday, the family posted a video compilation of Caleb's finest memories from their five years of vlogging.

While the family, whose true name is not Bratayley, has maintained that the youngster died of natural causes, the vagueness of the remark, as well as Caleb's healthy-looking appearance in their most recent video, has many questioning the cause of his death. In their videos and social media postings, the Bratayleys have requested privacy as they mourn and have avoided discussing Caleb's death in detail.

Maker Studios, Disney's online video distribution and production business, scooped it up. Maker's page for the program is still active, with a slew of licensed products including cartoon depictions of the kids. According to an Associated Press report, son Caleb, actual name Caleb LeBlanc, created his own video blog (or vlog) mostly about playing the game Minecraft.

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