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It had gone so quiet for Quan that some thought he'd fallen off the wagon. Apparently, some of his songs was leaked, and things went from bad to worse for him. I hadn't given him much attention since his Biggie lyrics gaffe during his Hip Hop Honors performance.

Darius: Discuss your new project, The Fix, which was released earlier this year. How long did it take to complete the project from start to finish? What should the audience anticipate from the record, or rather, what should they leave with? Drekidd: It's sort of amusing. I'd been working on tunes for The Fix since 2007, such as the song Imagine, but the most of them were completed between September and October. Originally, it was simply a "jacking for beats" kind mixtape, but then my producer slash buddy, Heart Beat, came up with all these fire tracks, and the whole thing altered.

8.93 MBFuture ChAmp #Inhliziyo #amapiano #2020 Josiah De Disciple ft Mpura To join the notification squad, activate the bell. Please assist us in reaching 1,000 subscribers!!! Copyright is reserved for promotional purposes only. Please write us at if you want your music deleted from the channel. There's no need to strike the video when you can have it removed in seconds. STRIKE NOT!!! 8.83 MB Inhliziyo Mas Musiq - Topic Provided by New Money Gang Records to YouTube Inhliziyo Musiq Mas South Africa - Babalwa M Inhliziyo 2021 - New Money Gang Records, exclusively distributed by Sony Music Entertainment Africa (Pty) Ltd On: September 24, 2021 Mas Musiq ft. Babalwa M is an associated performer. Babalwa Mavusa, composer and lyricist Thabo Martin Ngubane is the producer. YouTube created this video automatically.

[K] (with Lil Wayne and Jay Rock) .Dot] K.Dot, Weezy Up! [Wayne] K.Dot is insane as well [K] .Dot] Love [Wayne] I cosign this, and shout out to my buddy Jay Rock, who is also my nigga [Jay Rock]. Is that you, nigga? Stupid [Wayne] You'... [Intro] (Fuck you, Cris.) Increase the volume slightly. [Verse] Okay, so I stepped into the trap with 30 racks on my lap. I took it out of the mud, like, bitch. If you're not first, then you're last, bitch. Hit me with my misery...

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