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5 years ago, 99 people are following. I'm 24 years old and began developing bartholin cysts little over a year ago. It has recurred at least 6 or 7 times, and I have had an Incision and Drainage done twice, once under local and once under general anesthesia. I can't emphasize this enough: GET THE GENERAL! The anesthesia injection was very painful, and I'm not embarrassed to confess I screamed bloody murder when they sliced the thing open! Without a doubt, the most agonizing event of my life. With the general, I felt no discomfort and had no recollection of the surgery.

A word of caution Before we go into home treatments, there are a few things you should know: Never attempt to remove or burst a cyst at home. This raises the likelihood of infection. Popping a cyst also does not ensure that it will go permanently. None of the therapies in this page are known or confirmed to fully eliminate cysts. However, evidence shows that they may aid indirectly.

What exactly is a Bartholin cyst?

Bartholin glands are found on either side of the vaginal opening in a woman's body. These glands' role is to release fluid that lubricates the vagina. These glands are located at the back of the vagina. They are similar to the bulbourethral glands seen in men. They release mucus, which acts as a natural vaginal lubrication.

What exactly is Bartholin Abscess? How should it be handled? What safeguards should be taken? What are the symptoms and signs? What is the etiology of this disease? How should it be handled? What can homeopathy do for you? All of this is addressed in this article, and our physicians are always available to assist you. Simply enter your information in the form below, and we will answer all of your questions for free! Get assistance from our qualified medical experts!

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