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Xbox has already planned for its 20th anniversary, with a special broadcast due to air on the day. A slew of vintage Xbox and Xbox 360 titles have also inexplicably emerged on the Xbox 360 store, leading some to speculate that they may be added to the backwards compatibility program on November 15th as well. Next week will be infinite. November 11, 2021 HaloDotAPI (@halodotapi)

In addition, 343 has revealed that Halo Infinite will debut without campaign co-op or the Forge map-building option, with the former arriving in Season 2 roughly three months later and the latter in Season 3 about six months later. The Halo Infinite campaign will be included with Xbox Game Pass from the start, although you may also purchase it separately if you choose. While we'll have to wait a little longer to experience the entire game, 343 has announced another technical peek event. This one will be accessible to even more players and provide the public with their first opportunity to explore Halo Infinite PvP games, notably 4v4 and Big Team Battle, while the bot modes from the previous test will remain available if you want.

Don't get me wrong: the multiplayer in Halo Infinite is fantastic. Everything we wrote in our first comment is still true: it's a gorgeous rebirth of a multiplayer classic (opens in new tab). Leaving aside the uproar over battle passes and advancement systems, there's a palpable feeling that the game's venues are becoming overcrowded. In matching queues, a tiny number of modes and maps are provided at random, making an already small pool seem even smaller. If you're sick of playing Oddball, the only way to avoid playing them is to quit playing. The game's lackluster initial event (opens in new tab) will be repeated four times during the season. Even without the battle pass, there just isn't much in the way of personalization possibilities. In summary, the multiplayer in Halo Infinite seems like it's lacking a lot of "something."

With that stated, it's just another problem for Halo Infinite, a game that can't seem to stay out of trouble at the moment. It's nearly become a running gag, and many game fans have taken to mocking it at this point. If you have a restricted data plan, you should definitely minimize your time spent on Halo Infinite until this problem is hopefully rectified. Have you had any internet problems when playing Halo Infinite? Please let me know in the comments or on Twitter @Cade Onder.

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