Gon Vs Pitou Episode 133

Gentle Tamayo, for example, is a brilliant doctor who, despite being a demon, has saved countless human lives. Rui, the spider family's leader, just wants to have the family he never had and would go to any length to keep his group together, even if it means injuring others. Rui's zealotry is realistic and incredibly human, even though he is terrible. So far, most demons seem to have gone bad because they lack or lack something extremely human, such as Kyogai, who just wanted to be known for anything. Demon Slayer is, in many respects, the polar antithesis of what is now being exhibited in American culture. The protagonist has to strive very hard for his abilities, nearly breaking himself. Above all, family ties and friendship are treasured. Most significantly, identity is deconstructed and becomes subordinate to the acts and ideals of the characters.

The melancholy, the acceptance of gon. It demonstrates that he has finally accepted that Kite is dead and has given up on everything. The 5 phases of grieving and Pitou's devotion were what drove me to fight. Especially considering it was, along with Meruem and Komogi, the most dramatic point of the arc. I honestly assumed gon would die there since the program only had 12 episodes remaining after the chimera ant storyline ended. It only goes to illustrate how Gon's wrath changed and how he really gave up on hunting ging for this moment. For a Shonen protag gon, I'd give this arc a 9.5/10.

Love of Kill Episode 11 WORST was released 17 years ago. Ryang-Ha was helping Donny when he took in a youngster who was being pursued. Donny's career leads him to another disastrous meeting. MY NAME IS LOVE OF KILL EPISODE 12 Two "Ryang-Has" struggle to live with a young Chateau. However, Ryang-Ha is besieged by his foes, and the other Ryang-Ha is gravely hurt as well.

Even after seeing Gon versus Pitou, I couldn't help but marvel at Hunter x Hunter's brilliance.

But episode 135 took things to a whole new level for me. I typically enjoy shonen anime, thus I seldom weep when watching anime (the only exceptions being One Piece, FMAB, and Assassination Classroom), but Hunter x Hunter simply struck my soul with this episode. Seeing Meruem and Komugi in those last moments really warmed my heart. It reminded me of why people are so unique, and how each life is unique in some manner. Because I'm crying just saying this, and this episode was wonderful.

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