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He is the fourth to assault the palace, appearing with the stairs and Menthuthuyoupi. [208] Zeno's Dragon Dive pierces through the palace as he prepares to ascend above. [209] Gon avoids it by focusing entirely on his opponent. Realizing that Knuckle and Meleoron, who had been made invisible by God's Accomplice, may have been slain by the aura shards, he rushes towards the Royal Guard. Gon knows his two buddies are still alive when the latter is shoved aside by an unseen force. [210] When he feels Neferpitou's En, he stops for a moment, which Menthuthuyoupi uses to hurl down a huge arm on the stairs, demolishing it. [211] Gon and Killua successfully evade and shift directions. When he sees Morel's Smoky Jail encircling the throne chamber, he understands the King is not present. He goes in search of him and observes Meruem, Zeno, and Netero walking out of the west tower. Netero notices him and motions behind him. Gon's rage grows. [213]After seeing Zeno abduct Netero and Meruem,

According to the narrative that quickly traveled across the neighborhood, they discovered they couldn't separate because suspicious husband Neill, 42, had gone to a witch doctor who cursed his wife's private regions before he departed.

The spell, known as a muthi, is intended to keep anybody other than the husband from having intercourse with the lady in issue until the husband comes to exact his retribution.

When Obi-Wan Kenobi tells this to Anakin (who has now become Sith lord Darth Vader), he is not antagonizing Vader. In this phrase, he is reaching out to Anakin since he knows he is leaving the physical world. He is telling Anakin that he is not responsible for his death. He is leaving this planet because he knows what is about to happen. He understands that if he becomes one with the force, he will be able to offer so much more to Luke as a mentor and beyond. And he knows that once he reunites with Yoda and his master, Qui-Gon Jinn, they will be unstoppable as a force for good, guiding force users like Luke and Leia and being there when they are most needed. I altered the original scenario to accentuate Obi-joy Wan's at having rescued Luke from Darth Vader (if Luke had faced Vader he probably would have killed Luke and the others and that just wouldnt make a good movie). And, if you look closely, you'll see that he's already vanished before Vader can even strike him with his lightsaber:

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