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You could have dragged to a folder or a different home screen. You may locate it by putting Photos into the search area or by swiping through all of your home screens and browsing through each folder. Remove one of the applications from the strip at the bottom of the home screen by holding down on it until the apps begin to jiggle if you can locate it. Drag it off the strip, then replace it with Photos. To save the changes, press the home button.

Beautiful app icons are an essential component of the user experience across all Apple platforms, and every app and game should have one. Because each platform specifies a somewhat different style for app icons, you should build a design that can adapt to multiple forms and degrees of detail while keeping strong visual consistency and message. Visit Apple Design Resources to acquire templates that will assist you in creating icons for each platform. See Icons for information on making various sorts of icons. The best practices

Get free icons designed in the iOS style.

Our consistent iOS icon set includes a wide range of theme areas and adheres to Apple's specifications. These icons are 5050 pixels in size and have an outline style with a 2px base stroke. All of the icons have an iOS version. This pack is compatible with iOS apps that use vertical lists, such as the iOS Mail App. This is our most popular icon bundle by far. The Icons8 team designed all of the icons in-house, beginning soon after the introduction of iOS 7 and continuing to this day. Download free iOS icons in a variety of themes for UI design. The graphics are available in png and vector formats. Also included are iOS Glyph icons and Animated iOS icons. In addition, fresh and popular icons in 30+ design styles are available.

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