Esposa De David Bisbal 2021

The images are aged and have a sad undertone. Bisbal is shown interacting with his wife, Rosanna Zanetti, via a crystal. Remember that the singer has always been a supporter of vaccinations and has used his voice to advocate for them; it is for this reason that he is now breaking new ground in this unexpected aislamiento. The meeting of David Bisbal and his wife via a crystal. Instagram is the source.

Prepare a compilation album for 2022.

In the next year, he will release a compilation album of his best songs from the last two decades. The album, which will be released to commemorate his 20-year solo career, is the first gift or surprise that we have compiled from what we have done in the last 20 years. We put it together five years ago and made a really entertaining poster. The year 2022, more or less for my birthday, will mark the 20th anniversary of my career with Corazn Latino.

David Bisbal and Rosanna Zanetti are living in a high-altitude 2021. He has just parted ways with his dog Maxi, with whom he has had an infinite number of unique moments. However, her life has been filled with joy since her daughter Blanca was three months old on January 25th. Without a doubt, 2020, the start of 2021, and the overall state of the pandemic have all changed our lives. This is one of the most recent videos that the Almeriense has shared with his Instagram followers. At it, the singer and his wife are seen doing something that is now forbidden due to the Coronavirus and has garnered thousands of criticisms: working out in the gym without mascarillas or social distance.

Rancheras have also been delayed.

If I had to choose a gender that wasn't the mo, I'd go with the regional Mexican first because it's a path I've taken since the beginning, and I've collaborated with many Mexican artists, including Juan Gabriel (66), Jos Jos, Alejandro Fernndez (49)... and now with Eric (50), with this Mxico sound, it's the culmination, the continuation of that love I have for him.

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