Did The Weeknd Get Surgery Reddit

There's no news on whether The Weeknd's bandages or fake cosmetic surgery will make an appearance during his halftime act on Sunday, but fans can be sure he'll go big for the big game. He told Billboard that he is spending $7 million of his own money on the concert, which will be seen by 25,000 people owing to the epidemic, as well as millions more watching at home. "We've been really working on honing in on the audience at home and making performances a cinematic experience," he told Billboard.

Over the last year, the singer has appeared with his face swathed in varying degrees of gauze: he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! with a bandaged nose, had a bruised and bleeding face for his September VMAs performance, and appeared at the November AMAs with much of his head swaddled.

The combination of these appearances and the Save Your Tears video had some people wondering whether The Weeknd had permanently transformed his visage.

Fans may remember his work from Heidi Klum's several Halloween costumes, including an elderly woman, Jessica Rabbit, Fiona from Shrek, and an Avatar.

Fans were left buzzing as The Weeknd premiered the music video for Save Your Tears, in which he flaunted his new "plastic surgery" appearance.

I CAN SEE THE WEEKEND TRYING TO LOOK LIKE BELLA HADID. January 6, 2021, Cindy (@souvenirgomezz) Some admirers, though, were not as persuaded. No. His face had been damaged, so he repaired it with extensive cosmetic surgery. One fan provided their interpretation of the symbolism in the song video, "He is indicating he is mending." Regarding the plastic surgery dig at Bella, the model has denied having cosmetic modifications. People believe I had all of these surgeries or did this or that. And guess what? Darling, we may take a scan of my face. I'm afraid to put fillers in my lips. In May 2018, Bella said, "I wouldn't want to screw up my face."

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