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Rarity Notes Emblem Name Rare Adventurous Spirit You must complete all of the game's missing sectors on each planet. In the Fire District In APIs, the picture is the same as the released C-T-A-T-O-D-L emblem. Common Order of Assassins The Missing Icon picture has been allocated to the Bungie API, thus the artwork is not yet accessible. Common Silicon Frontier Legendary Wish-Granter N/A As a guide, do a Guided Games raid on Last Wish. Emblems with modifications [edit]

Hello, I'm thinking of getting the Destiny Tricon logo and the three classes insignia tattooed and was wondering if anybody have any high quality photos or vectors of them since I'm having difficulties locating them. Any assistance is much appreciated! Please wait while the post history loads. This might take a while... Subject Link Category Flags Revision Date Edited Body of the Subject

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