David Selfless Art K. Williams

Quiros applied similar pressure on Donegan. KSE, a Montpelier lobbying company, also "called me to try to have me move things along," she added. On April 11, 2015, Donegan wrote to Miller, Shumlin's chief of staff, stating the department had uncovered potential breaches of federal securities law, including noncompliance, fraud, self-dealing, and abuse of investor money.

I like the opening view of the Golden Gate Bridge, which has a Japanese architectural style to it.

I like it as well. Those are the types of things I can't claim credit for; we have a fantastic visual development team, and when I see that picture, my jaw drops open.

On Thursday, March 2, gather your coworkers for the Maroon & White Wellbeing Stroll, a quick walk across campus to celebrate wellness. Meet at 11:30 a.m. for a warmup. The White Team will gather in Wehner Plaza on the West Campus, while the Maroon Team will convene on the front steps of the Jack K. Williams Administration Building. We will gather at noon for a rally, and boxed lunches will be supplied at the conclusion of the demonstration. Finally, individual departments are invited to create their own employee appreciation celebrations on Friday, March 3. President Young promotes full engagement. Here are some suggestions.

Simon remarked in his column published Sunday in The New York Times that he invited Williams to portray his renowned role one more time as a favor years after the series ended, when Simon was organizing a charity battle of the bands including New Orleans and Baltimore artists.

Wendell Pierce, a native of New Orleans, would promote local performers under his Treme persona. I asked Mike to travel down on short notice and introduce the Baltimore performers as Omar Little, Simon writes. He was available for hire. I saw him play that persona one final time for a few hours. When it was done, we stood outside the club, and I watched a weight fall as he reverted to Michael from Flatbush, the gentle, self-effacing, and utterly committed professional who never gave a camera the wrong moment, but who never took enough comfort from that great skill, who was always, I came to understand, looking for it to mean more.

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