David Jeremiah Sermon On Socialism

Dr. Jeremiah compared them with what the Bible teaches, providing a quick survey of passages that show the socialist doctrines are absolutely false. Private property is upheld in Exodus 22, Exodus 20:15, and Exodus 20:17. Furthermore, the Bible encourages ownership, as Proverbs 20 and Acts 4 reveal. "Just because someone in authority says it's true doesn't make it so." "What the Bible teaches is a good thing," he said.

However, since communist revolutions across the globe have created gloomy, oppressive regimes that do not favor religious freedom, or indeed any freedom at all, this philosophy has repeatedly shown to be a wolf in sheep's clothing. Sen. Sanders has constantly referred to his political campaign as a revolution as he travels around the country. Although there are contrasts between socialism and communism, many Marxists see socialism as a springboard to rejecting capitalism, accepting communism, and abolishing religion. Dr. Jack Graham, Senior Pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church and a personal friend of mine, recently expressed his own deep fear for our country's future when he said, "Socialism is fundamentally at conflict with the Christian worldview and strives to subjugate all peoples in service of the state." He went on to say that no one who is genuine about their Christian religion can embrace socialism.

David and Donna started a church plant in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with seven families in attendance in 1969. For twelve years, he was the pastor of Blackhawk Baptist Church. During that period, the congregation increased to 1,300 people, Blackhawk Christian School was established, and The Bible Hour television show debuted. Dr. Jeremiah and his family, which had grown to include four children, followed God's call and relocated to California in 1981, when he became the senior pastor of Scott Memorial Baptist Church, which is now Shadow Mountain Community Church. Shadow Mountain Community Church is now one of San Diego County's biggest churches, with eight satellite sites that include Hispanic and Arabic congregations. The church's main campus in El Cajon, California, also houses Southern California Seminary and Christian Unified Schools, a multi-site kindergarten through twelfth-grade Christian school system.

Fifth, Christian should think about running for public office. He emphasized the need of having God-fearing men and women on school and municipal boards to act as a buffer or shepherd the people away from the radical left, which is intended to destroy them. Finally, he advised people to return to corporate church settings and become more active since Christ's Church accomplishes better when it works together than when it works alone.

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